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Having a
charge point installed at home is simple and straightforward.

As approved installers for a range of brands, we offer a wide selection - you can choose the look and functionality that suits you best.

Many chargers have extensive functions and are over-specified for home use or have ongoing software subscriptions; our experts carefully match the proposed system to your requirements, making sure your receive the most suitable and economical solution.

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Know what you are looking for?

Whether you require smart-tech to control and monitor charge usage, connect to power from your solar PV, or simply to plug in and relax, we can advise on the best options.

Where to install my charge box

Where will the charger be mounted?

If your consumer box isn’t in an ideal place, we may need to fix a cable along the outside of your wall from the box to where your car parking space.

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Confused by all the choices?

Don’t worry. We’ll sort out what you need and recommend the ideal product for you. We have lots of experience ensuring your installation looks attractive at your home.

Why not just use a standard 3-pin socket?

Your car may have come with a standard 3-pin plug as well as a specialist connector to connect to a charging point. So, in theory, you could plug the car into a regular domestic socket. However, the standard plug is intended only for occasional use when there is no other option. Specialist connectors are safer and much faster. Helpfully, they also communicate with the car's battery to control power flow and cease charging when the vehicle is fully charged.

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ev charging installation process
How does the installation process work?
  1. To begin, we will give you an initial call to understand your requirements.
  2. We will design the most suitable and efficient EV charging solution from the information you provide and forward a quote.  If we need to know more, we will arrange for one of our engineers to visit.
  3. Once you have agreed to the quote, we agree a time and date for the installation.
  4. On the day, our qualified engineer will install the charge point with any cabling required, and will activate the EV charge point ready for use.
  5. The engineer will explain how to use the charger and answers any questions you have.
  6. Plug in your car and enjoy the benefits of safe, efficient home charging.
EV Charge Point Domestic Wall
Where to place the charger

The easiest (and cheapest) location for a charge point is on the outside wall adjacent to the consumer box, allowing us to connect the charger unit directly.
If your consumer box isn’t in a suitable place, we may need to fix a cable running along the outside of your wall from the consumer box to your car parking space. Additionally, we can run the supply cable underground if you prefer to be hidden.

Keeping the energy flowing

EV charge points are robust and reliable, but it’s a good idea to have them checked once a year to prevent problems. We offer annual inspections to ensure your EV point is operating normally and that the wiring is clean and safe.
We also do repairs – if you’re having a problem with an existing EV charge point, please get in touch.

With SES, installing a charge point at home is both simple and straightforward. As approved installers for a range of brands, we offer a wide selection – we select the functionality that matches your needs.

help about EV charging

Ask our experts

Unfortunately, the Government grant for private domestic installations with off road parking ceased at the end of March 2022. However Government schemes and initiatives still offer grants to:

  • Homeowners who live in flats.
  • People living in rented flats.

For the latest information please check out the Government Website.

When we install an EV charging unit every attempt is made to make the unit look aesthetically pleasing. The cable that joins your charger to the consumer unit may be taken underground.

It is not safe or advisable to install your own EV charging unit. Mains electricity can be highly dangerous. Please contact us at SES or source a qualified electrician that holds the correct certification to complete your installation. 

Any qualified electrician is authorised to legally install a home charging unit, provided that they have the specific skills and specialist accreditation for the chosen hardware. For competent results and the best on-going advice and support, is is wise to choose a dedicated EV installation company. 

A domestic 3-pin plug will take approximately 20 hours to charge your electric car. Electric cars are provided with a 3-pin charge cable on purchase. However, it is much safer and quicker to charge your car from a dedicated EV charge point. EV charge points are routinely checked for your safety. Less strain is put on your household mains supply with the use of a dedicated EV charge point, making charging your electric vehicle at home seamless, problem-free and, above all, cheaper. 

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