Renewable Energy & EV Charging for your Building

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Hit your carbon reduction targets and decrease energy costs with renewables.

At Meel Group Building Services, we are invested in zero emissions technology and have a forward-thinking team of renewable heating professionals installing systems for domestic and business use. We design, install and maintain multi-product solutions ranging from water, air and ground source heat pumps to a variety of solar technology solutions.

Integrating solar hot water into your building's existing system, adding solar electricity and battery storage, are immediate ways to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs.

solar hot water

Solar powered hot water

Designed to provide hot water, solar thermal panels work even in cloudy weather. Solar thermal panels can be used in combination with existing boilers or heat pumps to provide hot water even in the winter months.

solar battery

Solar electric with battery storage

Designed to reduce your electrical bills, many homes and businesses have installed PV (photovoltaic) panels on or near their building. They use sunlight to generate electricity, are straightforward to install and are very reliable.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Many businesses & homeowners have benefitted from our EV charge point and renewable energy solutions. Our knowledgeable team will support you during your system's planning, installation, and provide all the aftercare you need.

Heat Pumps

Extracting heat from the environment and using it to warm your building is a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. Government Grants are available for domestic customers to help with installation costs.

advantages of air heat pump

Air Source Heat Pumps


A popular solution for businesses, public buildings, local authorities and schools, as well as residential properties.


Taking heat from the outside air can reduce the heating bills for your building or home. Heat pumps may be fitted to the exterior wall or on ground level. Even when the outside temperature is cold, the unit extracts heat from the external air and uses it to heat your building or generate hot water.

We have over 55 years of traditional heating engineering, we are now integrating modern renewable energy sources into our client’s buildings. This reduces both the energy bills and the carbon footprint of the building.

business ground source heat pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps for businesses and homes.

  • Energy-efficient – providing up to 4x more energy than that used to power the system.
  • Ideal for off-grid properties that have no access to mains gas.
  • Suitable for homes with larger plots of land.
  • Quiet, invisible and very reliable.

Integrating solar energy

Solar panels can be mounted on either the roof of your building or on the open ground outside. Solar panels are very efficient and low maintenance and can, depending on their type, generate electricity or provide hot water.
solar energy plant room

Solar panel generated hot water

Designed to provide low-cost hot water, solar thermal panels work even in cloudy weather and require very little maintenance. Solar thermal panels are best utilised in combination with boilers or heat pumps, ensuring hot water in the winter months.

Solar Electricity with battery storage – example

72x Solar PV Panels (roof-mounted)
3x Inverters
3x 23kWh Batteries (total 69 kWh storage)

Cost: £93,133

ROI Payback: 13 years (December 2022 energy costs)

Key Advantages:

  • Annual Carbon Footprint reduced by 6.86 tonnes
  • Amount of annual green electricity now used from onsite production 65.39% (22.86 kWh)
  • Monthly savings on current electrical bill £534*
  • Increased green credentials and an active sustainability policy.

(*ROI calculated on January 2023 electrical costs) 

Electric vehicle charge points

At Meel Group Building Services, we have an experienced team of engineers ready to support your business on the journey to ‘road zero’.

All our customers benefit from friendly, unbiased advice and a bespoke solution to their EV charging needs. We are not affiliated to any single manufacturer and this gives us the freedom to provide the best solution.

Our designers and installers are fully qualified and experienced in all types of business and domestic EV solutions.

EV charging for the workplace

The EV team is led by a project manager with a wide range of charge point installation experience, including destinations, workspaces, car parks, fleet management and new residential developments.


EV charge point after care

All our work follows the IET Code of Practice for electric vehicle charging, covering the entire process from survey to completion.


Renewable energy and EV charging

How can help your building reduce its carbon footprint and save on energy bills with renewables?