Five ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint

How to reduce carbon footprint at work

The essential building blocks of zero carbon status

How to reduce carbon footprint at work in five steps. Implementing these steps will make the largest improvements to your company's net-zero status.

An active sustainability policy showing how your business is going to achieve its net carbon zero status is essential to any modern company, protecting your status in the supply chain and assuring your customers you are a forward-moving company.


1# Switch to a green energy supplier


Switching to a green energy tariff reduces your carbon footprint.  It also sends a valuable message to energy suppliers that there is a growing demand for green, low-carbon electricity, encouraging investment in renewables.

Not all green tariffs are equal – make sure your supplier operates their own renewables or only purchases from renewable generators.

Get a quote for green business electricity from a new supplier such as Octopus EnergyGreen Energy UK or Ecotricity.

How to reduce carbon footprint at work
Net zero carbon Solar PV Installation cheshire

How to reduce carbon footprint at work with Solar panels and batteries

#2 Generate and store your own electricity onsite

How to reduce carbon footprint at work in relation to the power your building consumes.

Generate and store your own electricity onsite.
Install solar (PV) panels on your roof space. Once installed, solar panels will have a considerable positive impact on your carbon footprint.

The latest generation of very efficient solar panels will produce carbon-free, clean electricity that can be used directly onsite or stored in commercial batteries for later use. In addition, excess electricity can be sold back to the Grid or to neighbouring businesses via a peer-to-peer trading platform.

Worried about cost? The return on investment time on a properly installed and correctly sized solar PV system is much faster than you may think.

Example: Business Annual electrical consumption 12500KwH
60% of which could be produced onsite
Carbon reduction 2.08 tonnes per year
ROI 9.8 years at current energy costs

Results: Immediate 60% reduction in electrical bills.
Immediate significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

Contact your local commercial PV solar panel installers, such as SES, for friendly advice and a free site survey. We carry out renewable installations across the Northwest region.

EV for Fleet, Staff and Visitors

Switch to electric vehicles with EV charging points at your premises

Offering EV charging to Staff, Fleet vehicles and Visitors significantly reduces your fossil fuel carbon footprint.

As of 2030, all new vehicles sold in the UK will be electric.

Switching to EV is an essential building block in your route to Net-Zero Status.

Worried about cost?

Substantial government grants are available to help with EV infrastructure, hardware, software and installation costs.

Also, check out the reduced benefit-in-kind tax for all company car drivers.  

Specialist government grants are also available for commercial and domestic landlords.


Our SES charge point team can talk you through the options; we install EV charge point solutions for businesses large and small across Cheshire and the surrounding counties.

Fleet manager- check out the Carbon Trust’s Fleet calculator tool for all your Electric Vehicle options and advantages.

How to reduce carbon footprint at work
energy efficient lighting zero carbon

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce all types of waste

You can reduce your energy waste and carbon footprint by making sure all non-essential equipment is turned off overnight.
A large amount of business energy consumption occurs outside of regular working hours.

Live the term ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ to identify ways your company can eliminate waste. Involve all of your staff in this scheme.

Energy-efficient technology
Energy-saving lighting, proximity sensors, avoiding heating empty rooms, increasing boiler efficiency – you may not have dedicated Facilities Management within your company; however, there are simple ways the basics can be assessed and easy carbon-reducing solutions installed.

Talk to an energy reduction expert to over-view your building and build a list of changes and improvements which can be made to reduce consumption. Many solutions can be retrofitted to your existing facility.

Net zero PR

#5 Show your active sustainability policy

Tell your customers and clients all about your actions. Concern about climate change is clearly growing. Most people now choose to support businesses with a strong social conscience.

Protect your business and its place in supply chains by showing your active route to net-zero status.

Showcasing the steps you are taking to improve your carbon footprint will help attract more customers and encourage staff loyalty. 

Be honest about what you’ve achieved and acknowledge that some changes are complex and will take time to realise. Avoid greenwashing.

What to do next
Create an environmental policy statement for your business and add it to your website and social media. Make sure your customers know what steps you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint. Create a visible road map of your route to net zero status.