High pressure gas systems

over 40 years of experience

High pressure gas systems - installed and maintained

As longstanding members of the British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA) we have been carrying out specialist gas installations for over 40 years. We design, install, and maintain all laboratory bottled gas and bulk storage systems from copper to stainless steel, braised to orbitally welded.

Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) extract heat stored in the ground and make it into a usable source of heat for your building. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of buildings, providing you have suitable outdoor space. They are particularly appropriate for low environmental impact projects, and, once installed, are free from all carbon emissions.

lab gas installers


High pressure systems with high purity ratings for equipment such as HPLC, Incubator, Mass Spectrometry, Nmr, Gas Chromatograph

medical gas installation


High grade materials, degressed pipework. Our engineers have a long history of working for the healthcare sector.

gases for vet practice


Tailored specifically to the unique requirements of veterinary practices, Higgins has many decades of gas installation experience.

school lab specialist gas


Schools and university laboratories – gases including NG, Acteline.

process line gas installation

Process Line

Food packaging process requiring CO2, N2 and O2

process line gas installation


Shielding gases for laser cutting, steel fabrication

Over 40
years of installation experience

Our fully trained operatives install laboratory gas systems that comply with BCGA guidelines. We employ the most up to date techniques to ensure the internal cleanliness of all our installations. All systems are tested and certified on completion with a comprehensive written 'scheme of examination' report.

Gas system design

Each installation is custom designed, ensuring the system meets the current intended purpose and future requirements. Following an initial meeting, we will propose a design, applying the latest codes of practice and our extensive experience in designing and installing specialist gas systems.

Higgins laboratory Mechanical Cheshire
A well-designed system means –
  • Fewer fittings for a reduced cost
  • Correctly sized tubing to achieve maximum purity, saving gas and time.
  • Design that complies with the Codes of Practice of the British Compressed Gas Association.
Higgins laboratory piped gas cheshire--6
Advantages of piped gas over cylinders –
  • Dramatically reduce your gas costs.
  • Improved health, safety and hygiene
  • Space-saving
  • Gas scavenging systems

Our experienced team will meticulously install your carefully planned and designed project. If other contractors are onsite, our team will work seamlessly alongside them.

All our tubing is chemically clean to ensure no contamination is introduced into your instrumentation. In addition, high-quality compression fittings are used to ensure the purity of the pipework is not compromised by brazing flux.

 We take every effort to hide tubing from sight whenever possible and trunk it when there is no other alternative. We terminate our lines with fittings to suit the instruments you intend to use so you can resume work immediately.

“Higgins Plumbing have looked after us for approximately 2 years now, so when it came to the build of our new Equine Clinic there was no doubt they would be my first port of call. The overall service received from the entire team has been excellent from start to finish.
Extremely efficient and reliable, great communication with a professional approach throughout.
Many thanks for a great job.”

Wright & Morten Veterinary Group

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