EV Charging as part of your route to net-carbon zero

SES - OLEV installers EV charge points

EV charge
points are an essential part of your route to net-carbon zero status.

Fuel carbon footprint -100% net carbon reduction when charged with renewable energy. Around 33% reduction when charged with standard grid electricity.

At SES we are not tied to any manufacturer and can offer you the best possible solution to meet your needs. Located in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we cover all of the northwest. Our EV charge point designers and installers are fully qualified and experienced in all types of business EV solutions.

Complete EV installation project management

We have the expertise to manage your entire EV charge point installation. As the main contractor, we will provide an efficient turnkey solution encompassing all related engineering and electrical work from the initial design to organising supply upgrades and commissioning the charge points. We will take care of every detail.

EV charge point installation as part of your sustainability policy

By 2030 there will be no more new fossil fuel cars and vans sold in the UK.

Government grants are available to help with infrastructure, hardware, software and installation. 

Some of these grants will only last until 2024.

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