Keeping employees safe from the dangers of CO2

Personal gas detection for employee safety

As well as fixed-position gas detection systems, we offer mobile solutions to protect your workforce.

This portable CO2 gas detector monitors the presence of carbon dioxide gas in the environment around the wearer.
It continually monitors the air for potentially unsafe levels of carbon dioxide gas, alerting the user via vibrating and audible alarms should CO2 concentration exceeds the set safe levels.

Portable Gas Monitors form an excellent level of personal protection for staff, particularly within the brewing refrigeration industry.

Start-up & Micro Breweries – gas protection 

In the UK, the craft beer industry has grown rapidly over the last decade, with consumers appreciating the unique taste.

Even microbreweries should be aware of the hazards presented by CO2 in the brewing and bottling processes. Therefore, gas detection is an essential part of the safety programme within the brewing industry. At the Meel Group, we have the expertise to advise, install and service the gas monitors within your brewery.

“We ensure our clients and their staff are protected from the dangers of carbon monoxide gasses. We design, install and maintain gas protection systems to protect their business, keeping all sensors maintained and all regulation certificates up to date. We are based in Cheshire and serve clients throughout the northwest.”